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Naturopathic Medicine:  The Art and Science of Natural Healing




About Doctor Owens

Howard H. Owens, N.D. is pleased to have been operating his full time practice in Bracebridge, Ontario since 2002.  He also works each month at the Rama Mnjikaning Health Centre treating people in that First Nations Community.

He has spent nine years in full time post secondary education, receiving his Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, CCNM, in Toronto, Ontario, where he received 2 awards The Merit Achievement Award (in recognition of a student who exemplifies the spirit of giving through charitable work within CCNM and the community at large) and The Dr Shimon Levytam Award, (in recognition of a student demonstrating outstanding understanding of the principles of naturopathic medicine and applying them in daily practice while promoting naturopathic medicine within and outside of Canada). The Canadian College is only one of only 6 accredited institutions in this medical field in North America. He also successfully completed a Complementary and Alternative Medicine Program though Harvard Medical School and holds undergraduate degrees from the University of Guelph.

Dr. Owens has also spent close to six years living and studying abroad, particularly in the Far East. 

He has successfully studied the science, diagnosis, philosophy and history of various medical systems and would be happy to help you find natural solutions that work.  He believes strongly that natural solutions need not be slow, bad tasting or expensive. Nor that Evidence Based Medicine and traditional wisdom or more esoteric / energetic wisdom need be at odds with each other. His art is to find pleasurable, sustainable, simple solutions that get you the results you are looking for.

Doctor "Howie", his wife Allyson, two children Bronwyn and Seamus love life in Muskoka and are very active members or our community.

Howie has spent over half a dozen years volunteering on a couple of local boards, both the Town of Bracebridge Parks & Trails & Recreation Committee and as a founding Board member of The Muskoka Trails Council. Working with local politicians, Public Health officials and other critical community members to help with initiatives around Active Transportation, eliminating pesticide / herbicide use, trails promotion and others geared to help make Muskokans and our tourists healthier.

Doctor Owens is also available for informative, friendly, free talks to interested groups. He has taught many college, professional and community classes / courses around natural health strategies, herbal medicine, clinical nutrition, horticulture, Aboriginal Health Issues, heart disease, stress management, Mind Body Medicine +++. Please call if your group is interested in a dynamic lecture or herb walk. There are many useful and historically interesting medicines growing in our local environment.

If you are ready to take a more active role in getting positive outcomes with your health goals, whether through baby steps or dramatic leaps and bounds, in a supportive, collaborative, positive, pleasurable & safe environment; become one of the many patients he has helped get better. Be prepared to do some work though. If you are looking for magic bullet pills…...you are in the wrong place.  Dr Owens, Howie, does his best to limit recommending any kind of long term pills, supplements or medications when at all possible.

For More Information Contact:

Muskoka Naturopathic Family Practice
93 Kimberley Ave., Bracebridge, ON P1L 1Z8
Tel: 705-645-9047
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